Saturday, August 08, 2009

Susan Jones, Shrewsbury, U.K.

Fine cover for Challenger 29: that's one very happy robot!

I've been reading
Challenger 29 -- not got right through it yet, and I've sort-of-skimmed a lot of the sports stuff (sorry), but I enjoyed learning about Nicholas of Cusa, and I found James Bacon's musings on High Castle covers the most interesting article of the issue. (Mine's that derivative, 1987 Bladerunneresque one, but I can live with that.) Rather than a cover that shouts about the political situation in the books or shows any of the more visually dramatic moments, I would have like to see some of the Edfrank jewelry arranged on a table, with hints of the situation shown in the items it is displayed with.

Susan recently announced that she's suffering from thyroid problems -- as do I, as do many. We wish her good health, and a quick return of Tortoise.


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