Saturday, August 08, 2009

Robert Kennedy, Camarillo CA

Thank you for #29. An outstanding issue.

"The Story of Edgar Allen Crow" by Shelby Vick; "Bravo Bevo!" by Mike Resnick about Clarence "Bevo" Francis; and Steven H Silver's story concerning the Chicago Cubs and Jerry Seeger were all very much enjoyed.

Rose-Marie's explaining the why and wherefore of Quidditch was enlightening.

Then there is your excellent commentary about Jimmy Connors.

Mustn't leave out the first-rate report on their Italy trip by Nicki Lynch.

Joseph Major: Does the "crazy complainant" actually have a BA or is it an AA from a Junior College? With all her problems I find it hard to believe that she could complete college courses.

My thanks for the copy of your Denvention 3 Trip Report. It was very much enjoyed.

You drove 725 miles for 14 1/2 hours? The best I ever did when much younger was 550 miles. Well, you had Rosy's help. Still, that many miles was incredible.

Driving solo, I've popped 800 en route to Confrancisco, after doing over 700 the day before. It helped to be traveling unfamiliar and picturesque roads.

Yes, you are correct that the WorldCon was lost in the huge Colorado Convention Center.

Personally, I was planning to vote for Seattle. Well, they dropped out and Reno is ok and I'll try to make it. I'm not getting any younger and it is getting harder for me to travel. But, Reno isn't that far.

It's also beautiful country. Lake Tahoe is right there.

Referring to me as "LOCmaster" is a stretch. I receive and LOC five fanzines. That's not a lot and my LOCs are not always that good. But, my thanks.

The Fan-Eds' lunch (that included supporters) was most enjoyable.

I agree with you about Dave Langford and the Best Fan Writer Hugo. It was good to see someone else win.

Yes, and that's no slight to Dave, a princely fellow -- but his two-decade domination of the Fan Writer category was bad for the Hugo and bad for fandom. John Scalzi's victory -- and his call for us to "Spread the wealth" in the fan categories -- was utterly righteous.

My niece Sheilah Kennedy and her husband Brad Cozzens (who live in Idaho) attended their first ever SF convention at Denvention 3. I should also mention Margaret H. "Maggie" Bonham who is married to my second cousin Larry Bonham. Maggie has attended a number of SF conventions. But, I believe that Denvention 3 was her first WorldCon. We have never met Larry and this was our first meeting with Maggie. It was a great pleasure. (Larry was recovering from an operation and could not attend.) They live in Montana. Maggie is the author of some 30 books. Most of them about dogs, some about cats, and several fantasy novels. She was on a number of panels. Maggie can be checked out at, or do a Google search on her name, and also check

May you finally obtain a well deserved HUGO. Perhaps I should not mention it since at Denvention 3 I told you that you were going to win and you didn't.

Fortunes of war, but nice to hear, and thanks.


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