Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lloyd Penney, Etobicoke , ON, Canada

Thank you kindly for The Zine Dump 21. I could do the motley crew joke, but I won't ... now that I've reminded you of it...

Remind me again.

Great cover on the front ... wonder what Chris Garcia does when he sees a video camera? He can't point like that all the time. And now [Warp editor] Cathy Palmer-Lister has met Chris ... I never got a chance to ask her what this dinner was like when we were at Con*cept in October. I hope to join the fan-eds' dinner for the first time in Montreal next year.

As Joe Major says earlier, you're more than welcome.

I am stumbling along with my own fanzine reviews in John Purcell's Askance ... I've never felt that KTF reviews inform or instruct. Most fanzines I enjoy as they are, and those I do critique, I try to provide constructive criticism. Still working on my technique, but there's time yet.

Your Alexiad review ... did John Scalzi ask Worldcon Hugo voters to honour a different fan writer every year? Great idea. I hope I might have a chance in Montreal. I figured that if the Seattle Corflu is going to issue their progress report fanzine-style, I can respond to it the same way. I wrote a loc, and fired it off to them. I later sent some dead presidents. We can't attend, but we can at least have supporting memberships.

Guy, you will have a great time in Montreal ... come up sooner if you can, and enjoy a multicultural city with lots of French and English mixed in. Montreal is one of the oldest cities on the continent, and most Anglophones don't know about it.

Current plan is to drive to Montreal from the Niagara Falls area, and a visit with my nevvies!

We purchased the DVD of Wall-E the other day...we rarely do that. The animation was great, as were the characters and story line. We're suckers for a love story, and this is a unique one. There's lots of pertinent commentary about how we are treating our planet, and optimism about how we can fix it, plus commentary about how our consumer society is turning us into flesh balloons, and how our dependence on capitalism may be our undoing. Worth the purchase; hope people get the message.

I hope Wall*E gets the Hugo! Only other flicks on my ballot: Cloverfield, Iron Man, and the brilliant Swedish vampire film, Let the Right One In..

Exactly right, congratulations to Mike Glyer for his latest Hugo ... the only thing that would have made things sweeter would have been for Diana Glyer to win a Hugo for her book on Tolkien, Lewis and the Inklings.

The Zine Dump serves as a shopping list. Ooooh, I'd like that one, and that one, and that one, too. I get a lot of zines, but there's always more I'd like to receive, if people would be good enough to send them to me, paper, electronic or otherwise. I'd send a loc, just like this one. I promise letters of comment because I can't promise cookies. Many thanks, Guy, and we will party in Montreal.

Like it was ten years ago … "1999," that is.

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