Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Brad W Foster, Irving, TX

Wow, a heavy-weight print zine in the mail. You are almost single handedly keeping the spirit of the massive genzine alive. Glad I was able to be a small part of it this issue.

That photo on the inside back cover came as something of a ... well, let's just say "unpleasant" surprise. Had no idea I manage to convey that particular goofy air when I should be cultivating the sophisticated ar-teest aura to make some sales. Then I realized, what you actually captured there was the exact moment that the stress of sweating through those 100+ hours of sitting in the heat of the Red River Revel this year burst open in my brain, and set off the count down for the attack of shingles that hit me just a week later. So, that shot will probably end up in all the medical journals one day: "If you see this, the patient should be immediately hidden from view of everyone else until the crisis passes."

You're not kidding about the heat. Shreveport's Revel is good fun, but the riverside humidity is exhausting.

Sorry again to hear about the passing of sweet little Jesse, but I think never has a pet had such love for all their life.

Jesse has been succeeded by Pepper, but not replaced.

Congrats to Taral on the GoH gig for Worldcon. He certainly deserves the honor for just about any and every reason I can think of -- artistically, fannishly, even geographically! As for his final comment about "… wish I could hold a party, but everyone is out of town..." He might not have been able to get a group together at that specific moment, but he'll be right at the heart of an even bigger party as one of a select group of folks in 2009!

Cracked up reading Chris Garcia's article on trying to indoctrinate young Evelyn into the cult of SF. I made similar, though less energetic efforts with my niece and nephew over the years. However, reading for pleasure has never been anything they expressed much interest in, so I've given up on dropping off the books. sigh Turned out okay young adults, but too bad they don't care for books.

"Books? Aren't they those things that used to be made out of … what was it? Paper! That's it. " Sigh The only paper today's young know about comes in rolls.

Also laughed at Julia's "Arms" article and art. I sometimes like to wiggle the flesh under my arms and brag of my "Bulgarian Grandmama genes".

Most interesting part of the Comic-Con review for me was the very little amount of actual comic-book related things that were mentioned.

The end of your article recounting the "making of" Nolacon II just reminded me of how many people have told me how poorly that con went. I was there, and had a wonderful time, so I've never understood what everyone else was having such a problem with. So there!


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