Monday, June 11, 2007

Shelby Vick, Panama City Beach FL

Many compliments, Guy – Chall 25 is – to me! – a big success. Great in appearance, stupendous in content. I particularly liked Curt Phillips' adulation of Bob Tucker and agree with it all. (For a different aspect, check out where our sixth issue is dedicated to Bob.)

I also immensely enjoyed Mary Ann van Hartesveldt's analysis of Scientology. I remember when the first edition of Dianetics came out, remember reading it, remember wanting to believe things were so simple ... and then, I remember when Realization Hit. It isn't science-fiction; Scientology is fantasy!

Also enjoyed the interview with Bester. Science fiction authors had a lot to do with the comics field, just as the field had its effect on science fiction.

In short, great issue!


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