Thursday, May 01, 2008

#27 - Random Thoughts


I liked the issue, more often than not. (The "not" includes, of course, obituaries, whether I knew the person or not.)
I did enjoy the multi-phase article about bidding for Nolacon II; to quote, "Can it be that it was all so simple then?"
The closest I came to be on a Worldcon bidding committee was when two of my fanfriends here in Detroit came up with a scheme to bid Detroit for 2009, I think it was; the WSFS Constitution had not done away with the West-Central-East rotation at that time. Being the one who had inlaws with contacts at the Metro Detroit Convention & Visitors Bureau at the time, and not being as sane as I have had to become since, we actually considered it.
For a time.
A short time.
I hope you will be successful in finally winning a Hugo; since I no longer am financially stable enough to countenance spending all that filthy lucre for the privilege of attending, I remain pretty well out of the loop.

Please give Megan's and my best to Rosy and anyone else to whom it should go.
Al Bouchard

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